Putty has developed a 6 step method based on 9 years experience of playing with interpersonal skills in the context of customer experience.

1Feel it

We will come and shop your business to get an understanding of how we think we will best be able to help. We will observe your teams in action, conduct informal conversations and then give you our detailed feedback based on our experiences.

2Mould it

Based on our observations and discussions we will shape the Putty programme that will best fit your gaps with customer experience. We will work with you to ensure that it fits your business and your values, so the programme feels like it’s yours.

3Play it

We will trial the bespoke shaped programme in an area of your business to test that it works and measure the results.

4Shape it

Based on the results and evaluations when we play it we will then revise or amend the programme if we as a partnership feel that we need to.

5Roll it

We will then work with you to design the best way to roll your bespoke Putty method out to the business whether this means we continue to deliver it to the business or train your trainers in our methods.

6Measure it

The partnership doesn’t stop once the training is complete. Because our methods are linked to tangible results we will continue to support you to make ensure that your Putty programme sticks and that you are seeing results. This could include a follow up day, a review and feedback of the customer experience or a refresher day further down the line.

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Putty values

The core principle of Putty is that we create real customer experience interventions that engage, motivate and deliver proven measurable results. Putty has some core values that underpin everything that we do…


Putty’s methods are based around playing engaging games that create irrefutable experiences. They help people to understand the impact of their behaviour both in and out of the sessions. We focus on the interpersonal dynamics that really make a difference when we communicate with each other.


Our methods are focused on interpersonal skills and behaviours. individuals are able to work out their own way of using them so that it becomes personalised, comfortable and authentic. Facilitators use what’s happening in the room, which means the experience is a reflection of what we teach.


There is a difference between knowing about something and really being able to it. People learn experientially with us, so they understand ‘how’ to communicate not just ‘what’ to communicate. Our techniques are simple, memorable and make a real difference.


Our methods help businesses to use their techniques to build long lasting relationships with their customers and clients. We like to partner with the people that we work with to ensure that we create a solution that is perfect for their business and gets tangible results.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Putty proof

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our satisfied customers had to say about the The Putty Expereince…

ATS Euromaster

A leading comprehensive tyre service network in the UK with over 380 centres.

Results of the programme:

  • Cash sales grew by 25 to 31%
  • Higher profit non-tyre sales have grew, exhaust and brake business increased by up to 50%.

“This collaboration has demonstrated that where development is fully integrated into a business the results are both observable and measurable”

Ian Stuart – Managing Director
ATS Euromaster Ltd


Leading british book retailer that operates 275 stores and employs around 3,500 staff in the UK and Europe.

Results of the programme that was delivered through our train the trainer approach:

  • Interaction initiated by booksellers increased from 5% to 8%
  • Of all customers who intended to buy something, 10% more went on to buy
  • Of all customers who had little intention of buying, 21% more went on to buy
  • The Net Promoter Score doubled, as did the customer experience score

“Amazing stuff…. I admit to being taken aback by the immediate success of my fumbling first tries”

Sol Cartman – Store Manager

Nuffield Health

A leading fitness and wellbeing centre company with over 65 gyms up and down the UK.

Results of the programme:

  • Membership sales are up by 6% on average
  • For the first time in history they have hit monthly membership sales targets across all regions

“I find it much easier to keep control of the conversation, particularly over the phone which is something I previously found difficult.”

Sales Executive
London City

“Many companies claim to be able to coach through experiential learning but these guys are one of the few who actually do it.”

Richard Leverton – L&D – Whitbread

Putty team

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our satisfied customers had to say about the The Putty Expereince…

Ben Houghton


Hey I am Ben… I run Noggin – Putty’s older and slightly bigger brother. Putty left home nearly 3 years ago and has now returned to live with the Noggin family once more. I am pleased to be looking after Putty again and thankful that Josh still works with us in a consultancy role.

Noggin and Putty are founded on the same philosophy, which is that “people in good places do good stuff” and it is my role to ensure that people on the front line with customers or in Leadership positions are all able to be at their best.


Josh Light

Putty Shaper

Hey I’m Josh… I have a wealth of experience in the hospitality and retail industries both in a hands on operational role and as an award winning Head of Learning and Development. My methods are practical and based around creating irrefutable experiences that help people to change behaviour within the context of Customer Experience. For more information check out my LinkedIn for more information.